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Planet Positive Skincare - Emma Lewisham

The brand Emma Lewisham, launched in 2019, is a luxury science-led natural skincare line that holds an undeniable elite status in the skincare industry. The mission of the brand is to create scientifically backed natural skincare that coexists harmoniously. It's renowned for being a planet-positive skincare brand.

Aaron, a skincare expert who works in the industry, shared with me his thoughts on a product he has been using from Emma Lewisham.

"I am currently using the cleansing oil, and I absolutely love it! The experience is incredibly pleasing, from the scent to the way it emulsifies on the skin—a truly remarkable experience. It primes the skin with a lipid profile, preparing it for essences and toners, ultimately leaving it hydrated and plump. The packaging, design, and the actual pump mechanism itself exude luxury, yet the product is accessible in terms of pricing. By harnessing the power of nature through flower enzymes and nourishing oils, it effectively hydrates the skin, eliminates any traces of makeup, and bestows a smooth and soft complexion " - Aaron

I have been following Aaron's advice since I was 15 and wholeheartedly endorse his recommendations.

For more information about Emma Lewisham, please visit:

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