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One tree hill contributed to my upbringing

I think we can all relate when I say a TV show changed my life or when I say a TV show is the thing I learned the most from in life. The show that I love and can truly say contributed to my upbringing dates way before I could even walk. Released in 2003, 'One Tree Hill' is an American drama series that remains the show of my life.

The characters, the plot, the concept - I could go on forever. I have learned so many life lessons from the show and even aspired my lifestyle and career path behind a character. I know what you are all thinking, seriously, getting influenced by fictional television ? I know how it looks, I know how it sounds. But I can't help but feel nothing but joy and happiness when I look back and think about the impact the show had on me and my life.

A quick summary: the show revolves around a group of teenagers in high school, brothers from the same dad but from two different worlds, the usual high school separation of popularity, rich vs. the poor, jocks vs. the geeks. The show centers around the two brothers who play basketball together, and the friends and family journey together as they grow through high school and life. There are so many different characters that taught me so many different things, but my favourite has to be Brooke Davis - introduced as a cheerleader and the best friend of Peyton, who was introduced as the girlfriend of one of the brothers.

The show journeyed through so many chapters of life in only 9 seasons. I learned so much about love, family, passion, and how to navigate random things in life.

For instance, the character Brooke Davis has one of the most amazing character developments to ever exist on television. She was portrayed as this ditzy boy-crazy girl who was really someone who wore her heart on her sleeve and made me want to pursue the things I want to pursue today. By the end of the show, she ended up having her clothing line, a magazine, and then co-owned a cafe with a friend. She ended up with a man who was the love of her life and loved her in the way any girl wants to be loved. I go into a little depth here on her character only because of what it meant to me. I saw how she persevered through all the heartbreak and turmoil that she went through in high school and built a career and life for herself. I know it's only TV, but it was inspiring.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend giving it a watch. I can watch it over and over again and still get hooked on the storyline, inspired to do things in life, and believe in epic love. There is no amount of writing I could do that will do the show justice. Just watch it and get past the first episode. I promise there will be no regrets.

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