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Lesson or a Blessing

The idea of something being either a lesson or a blessing is a perspective I have been trying to focus on this year. Like the rest of the humans on the planet, we are all going through various things, and our problems can't be generalized - we can be in different and sometimes similar situations. That's just how life works. However, if we condition our minds enough and focus on this phrase, it will change the way we view life, treat others, and ourselves. What can be wrong with that?

To start with, as humans, we can accept that something is a lesson, but we often have problems and get frustrated when we aren't learning within the timeframe we desire. A lesson can be ongoing for a long time, and we may never get a logical answer to it. Sometimes, 2+2 can equal 4, and other times it can equal 5. I guess when it comes to life, the lessons can't always be as simple as 2+2. I realized from my own experience that frustration comes from not getting an immediate answer or waiting for a long period. But here's the thing - the lesson can be in the process itself; it doesn't always have to boil down to a definitive answer. Alternatively, if it's none of the above, it can then be regarded as a blessing. If things don't work out, if situations turn out ugly or bad - I think it can be argued that it is, in fact, something that had to happen, making it a blessing. I understand that this concept might seem confusing, but give it a try - ponder whether it's a lesson or a blessing, and trust in the journey. Having blind faith isn't always easy or logical, but it is sometimes essential in living our best lives.

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