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Hinduism and the importance of the soul within

Hinduism is the third-largest religion worldwide and is a religious and all-encompassing way of life originating in India, known as "dharma," representing both a spiritual belief system and a universal code of conduct.

I always loved learning about religions and gaining knowledge about the different practices they carry out.

My friend who was born into Hinduism once told me this statement and when researching to write this piece, I came across this statement again.

You are not this body, but the soul within. Your actions shape your soul

To elaborate, our bodies house our spirit. It's important to nurture your soul. Our bodies are our exterior and are of this world. They will deteriorate. Hence it is so important to cater to your soul. Your soul is so important, how you treat yourself and how you treat others. There is so much significance.

As a Christian, I have found a lot of similarities in Hinduism in terms of values. Christianity and Hinduism both impart moral principles within their respective faiths. Teachings on virtues such as peace, forgiveness, love, generosity, simplicity, spirituality, prayer, self-discipline, and numerous others.

I look forward to learning more about Hinduism and sharing more about it on this platform. I think we can all take in this idea of understanding the actions we take shape our soul. It's important to practice values like forgiveness, love, generosity and the many virtues listed above. Those things help to shape our souls and walk on earth as impactful people.

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