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Heart Pendent

I am in love, as are many, with the chunky heart pendant. The varieties include the chrome heart, the glass heart, and the plastic heart. I think it's great. This is a trend I can jump on and truly say is certified chic. I have always believed that any symbolism of love is wonderful. The heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants this heart pendant. I've taken some time to identify some great places to purchase heart-shaped pendants from various retailers, including some affordable options. At the end of the day, I believe it is all worth it. I hope that something here finds a special place in your heart.


A more simplistic and dainty heart pendent, but very minimal and classic. I saw this necklace made by Tanishka Jewellery and thought it was special because of the customisation feature.

You can find it here :


The Zoe Necklace, A big heart silhouette pendant crafted from 925 sterling silver. I love the shape of the heart, and since they are handmade each one is slightly different.

You can find it here :


You can always find anything at Lovisa, it is affordable and easily accessible. They stock a chunky classic red heart.

You can find it here :

Underground Sundae

This brand makes groovy jewellery that is designed and made in Melbourne. I saw this cute heart necklace and thought id share.

You can find it here:

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