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Escapism by Geralline Conrad

Geralline Conrad, a fashionista, trendsetter and all-around icon, is undoubtedly a designer deserving of your undivided attention. Her unique aesthetic is a work of art in its own right and deserves a closer look. In her graduate collection, "Escapism," Geralline Conrad dives headfirst into the realm of futuristic fashion, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. This collection showcases her creative process with three distinctive looks that push the boundaries of fashion.

But what truly elevates this collection to the next level is Geralline Conrad's attention to detail, extending beyond the garments themselves. The styling of hair and makeup complements the futuristic theme perfectly. The model's looks are a harmonious fusion of avant-garde and chic, contributing significantly to the overall impact of the collection.

"The Collection 'Escapism' has been created with the idea of an alternate reality where everything is peaceful and harmonious while taking on a futuristic and digital approach. I was heavily inspired by the work of specific digital artists, such as the 'Mue Studio' and 'Paul Milinski.' Their artwork revolves around surreal escapism and evokes a strange feeling of nostalgia, curiosity and a sense of peace. This collection is all about 'escaping one's reality into this imaginative world, away from chaos and ultimately aims to make the wearer (and the people viewing it) feel as if they have been transported to this alternate far distant reality” - Geralline Conrad


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