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Alter Egos by Kiana Mews


Kiana Mews graduate collection film is truly a masterpiece . The concept behind it draws inspiration from the Freudian theory, and the execution of the film is outstanding. It succeeds in capturing the true emotion and aura of the collection she has created. Alter Egos was designed and created by Kiana Mews and with Nicola Pohl playing the different alter egos in the short film. The film itself is directed by Park Avenue Media and co-directed and produced by Bon Creative.

Titled "The Alter Egos " this line of clothing is inspired by introverted performers who possess bold and confident stage personas. The collection artfully showcases a transformation in persona by embracing specific characteristics, thereby emphasizing the idea that individuals cannot be confined to a single aspect of their personality. It celebrates freedom of expression and individuality.

The collection revolves around three distinct alter egos: the inner child, the level-headed comfort, and the utterly confident. This concept encourages viewers to broaden their understanding of themselves and embrace the complexity of their own personalities.

In summary, Kiana Mews' graduate collection film and the Alter Egos Collection demonstrate an impressive blend of creativity, psychology, and fashion. It is a thought-provoking and visually captivating project that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. I met Kiana during my time at RMIT, it was a privilege to watch her create this collection and it is such a privilege to call her my friend! So excited to see all that she will do in her career.

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