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A Testimony : Gods clock not mine

My brother's journey has been quite a rollercoaster. I feel compelled to share his amazing testimony on his behalf. He is two years older than me, and I have witnessed it all unfold as his roommate. After finishing high school, he went to study at the University of Toronto in Canada, but his time there was cut short as my family brought him back home. We were concerned about his ability to cope with this new phase of life. After a break, he embarked on a new journey in Australia, enrolling at the University of Melbourne. However, within a year, he switched universities again, leading to what you might call "university hopping."

This aspect of his journey is essential because, while it is normal to be uncertain about what one wants to study and pursue in life, changing universities had repercussions on his visa status in Australia. Melbourne grants student visas to those studying here, but his multiple university switches caused complications, resulting in him having to be on a bridging visa to resolve the issues. All this happened during the pandemic, stretching over an extended period. Unfortunately, this meant he couldn't return home to our family for nearly four years. It was challenging for our family, as I would travel without him, making him feel left out. The situation also took a toll on his academics, with stress constantly looming over us. In our family, when one of us faces a problem, we all feel it, and we attended church together every Sunday.

Obtaining his visa became an ongoing prayer for months. We wanted him to go home and travel freely. More importantly, we needed his visa situation resolved so he could stay in Melbourne after his studies. Waiting for an answer felt endless, and my brother is a procrastinator, which added to the stress of his university years. However, the day we found out he would graduate was one of the top 10 moments in our family's life. During the week of his graduation, we attended a special anointing service at church. People from the community prayed for each other. I prayed for my brother and myself, and I knew he was desperate and fervently praying to God for help.

I can't exaggerate this: an hour after my brother's graduation ceremony, he received an email stating that his visa had been approved, and he was eligible to apply for the postgraduate visa. Let me clarify the significance—previously, he was on a bridging visa due to issues with his old student visa caused by changing universities. To have the appropriate visa post-graduation and the ability to travel, he needed a student visa again to be eligible for the postgraduate visa. After waiting so long, he received his visa moments after graduating. He turned to me and said, "It was the anointing service. God is great."

Growing up in a religious environment, you hear many amazing stories about what God does for people, but you may question why it doesn't happen for you when you need it. I have certainly experienced that. However, my brother's story is a powerful example of God's perfect timing. It is not on our watch but on His. God knew my brother needed that visa and delivered, answering his prayer precisely when it was needed. There is real power in prayer and having faith that things will work out in the end. If you were to ask my brother how many times he prayed about this situation and how he got through his time at university, he would tell you it was by the grace of God.

I wanted to share his story, and while you may not believe in God or understand, I want to assure you that the God I know is good! I hope you all are having a blessed day.

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