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Save The Children

Save The Children is a charitable organisation devoted to improving the lives of children worldwide. Founded by Eglantyne Jebb, Save The Children continues to save lives and make changes for kids and are on an active mission to make a difference. I am very passionate about Save The Children as I believe the youth are so special and our future. Due to circumstance, so many children don't have access to resources and those of us who do - have an opportunity to make an impact. Details can be found here 

Make A Wish 

I have been following the Make-A-Wish Foundation since I was a little kid. I was always inspired by what amazing work they do for children. Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organisation that was founded in America and focuses on aiding children suffering from critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish is now international, helping children in almost 50 countries on five continents. You don't have to be blue or a genie to grant a wish - here are ways to donate today

UNICEF Australia - Donating to an Emergency

Countries all around the world are active as we breathe and live our day to day - are going through emergencies and devastation. UNICEF also known as the  United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, is devoted to providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children all around the world. UNICEF is working in 190 countries and aids in various ways for many different causes. Emergency funds help to address current needs in the world and list all the different places to donate. A little can go a long way, more information can be found in the link below

Support Sri-Lanka 

My motherland is Sri Lanka. In 2019, Sri Lanka entered an economic crisis and has been trying to recover ever since. The country still struggles in more ways than I can ever write. I wanted to include this website in this section to highlight various ways people can help restore Sri Lanka and in general help the less fortunate in the country. Every time I visit, it breaks my heart to see people on the streets barely being able to get by. It puts me in a space of gratitude and motivates me to help my motherland more than ever. Please find ways to help by pressing the button below.

Donate to Lifeline

Lifeline is a suicide prevention service and a charity that provides all Australians with access to 24-hour crisis support. Life can be so challenging, and sometimes, as humans, it's hard to reach out and ask for help. Help is always there; sometimes we just have to ask. The work that Lifeline does saves lives and makes the world a better place. To donate to their cause, press the button below.

Donate to Child Fund Australia 

ChildFund Australia operates as an global development entity with the primary mission of diminishing poverty among children residing in some of the most marginalised communities worldwide. ChildFund Australia is part of the ChildFund Alliance, which stands as one of the world's most established and proficient development agencies concentrating on the well-being of children. Operating through a worldwide network comprising 11 organisations, the ChildFund Alliance provides support to nearly 32 million children and their families across 70 countries. To donate to their cause press the button below.

Compassion : Sponsor a child 

Compassion is a global child development organization rooted in Christian values. Through there Child Sponsorship Program, compassion continues to make a difference in the lives of over 2 million children, helping them escape poverty. There are still so many children who need help and through compassion you can be apart of chaging and supporting a childs life. Compassion focuses on building long-term relationships between children and their local church family. To donate to their cause press the button below.

Children's Cancer Insititute

The Children’s Cancer Institute is Australia's sole independent medical research institution entirely committed to eradicating cancer in children. Given that cancer claims more young lives than any other illness, the institute's unwavering determination and dedication to their cause, are determined to accomplish this vital mission of curing children. By donating to them, the support is put into effective use including aiding research, funding support services and other areas that support the children. To donate to their cause press the button below.

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