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Let me tell you about the birth story of ASZN Editorial.


was sitting on my friend's couch and we were watching "13 Going on 30." In the movie, Jenna Rink went to bed at age 13 and woke up 30, working in her dream job at Poise Magazine. As a creator, I have always been inspired to make people feel. I remember watching that movie and thinking about how it made me feel and how passionate Jenna was as a creative working at a magazine. Jenna's ability to create spreads for the magazine was fuelled by such passion which I found incredibly inspiring. I told my friend that I was concerned that I didn't have the knowledge or experience to work in the editorial industry myself. All I had was passion and exciting perspectives on life that I was desperate to share with the world. She then said, “Nat, why don’t you just start your own magazine.” So, I did.

ASZN is a creative space more than an editorial. It's a platform to share something new and be a light in the crazy world we all live in. I wanted to create a space to lift passionate creatives and share heartfelt stories. I wanted ASZN to be a place to advocate for helping charities and causes. If I was ever going to create something, it was always a priority that something tangibly good could come out of it. That is one of the focal points of this website; to share perspectives and opinions. Something as simple as making someone smile or uplifting a charity or cause by simply sharing words about it is the heart of this whole platform.


Here's the breakdown:

Fashion - Explores different aspects and topics revolving around fashion. This section focuses more on sharing designer's works and the stories behind fashion, lifting brands and creatives!

La Vie - French for "The Life." Life is experienced differently for everyone, but much insight can be gained when sharing different perspectives and ideas about life. This is a place to share random ideas, theories and lessons that can be learned. 

Beauty - Celebrates tips and tricks to promote self-care. A place to share products that are doing great things for the skin, and little life hacks to make one feel like the best version of themselves.

Beliefs - Religion has such a negative stigma these days. One thing I wanted to do when starting this publication is to create a space that shares words of wisdom from different religions, beliefs and walks of life. There is something good to learn from everyone. I know my life is better because of what I believe in.

I hope you can find something here that makes you laugh or smile. ASZN is a passion project for now and I have been so honoured to collaborate with some amazing people to help me create the spreads you see on this website.


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