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Welcome to ASZN Editorial, a place to share words of wisdom, tinker with your nostalgia, and a platform that aims to explore different szn's of life.


Our mission is to offer new perspectives, share unique creations, promote brands and their stories, laugh a little, and challenge your mindset. ASZN seeks to provide radiant energy through words and visuals.

Our digital zine is released every szn with a featured cover with that szn's highlights and curated visuals.


ASZN has 5 sections - FASHION - LA VIE - BEAUTY - BELIEFS - Lastly, a favourite and the heart of ASZN, FOR A GOOD CAUSE

ASZN  is committed to standing in solidarity with those who are working towards peace and a brighter future. We aim to be a guiding light of creativity in the world we inhabit—a space born from love and fueled by love.

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